Online doesn’t mean on your own!

Diploma & Careers Institute (DCI) is a select 100% virtual high school, authorized by the Michigan Department of Education to enroll all students ages 14 to 21 years old.  One-hundred percent (100%) virtual means that you learn totally online, not in a school building.  DCI takes it above and beyond by creating a learning environment according to your availability and capability for school.  We understand that students have more pressing matters other than school… Yes, getting a diploma is important, but a job or family or lifestyle, even self-survival,  is more of a priority. For many young adults this is their REALITY!  DCI gets it but still makes achieving a diploma a possibility for them, as well.

Our diploma is accredited and granted by Avondale School District, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  With over 30 years of professional experience as educators and administrators in the Michigan public school system, we specialize in helping families of all backgrounds, circumstances, needs, and goals overcome any challenges that is in the way of achieving the necessary school credits to graduate with a high school diploma. 

DCI is a:

  • a tuition-free virtual school
  • all students residing in the State of Michigan are eligible to enroll
  • only 20-credits needed to graduate
  • do your school work on your free time
  • 24-hours, 7-days a week Tech Support & Academic Assistance
  • contact our Student Services immediately by text message
  • we give you a laptop and hotspot for your classes
  • lessons can be completed using a smartphone for that quick log-in
  • receive scholarship dollars when you graduate to keep learning and thriving.

DCI creates a custom learning path according to your time availability and what you can handle.  You tell us when you have time to work on your classes, rather than requiring you to work on your classes for a certain number of hours per week. When you get stuck on a lesson we will help you get through it, rather than making you doing it over and over until you get a minimum passing score. Some schools claim they are “virtual,” but all they did was just replace the teacher with a computer, while keeping the same rules of going to an actual school. DCI remains true to the concept of learning any time, any pace.

All we want from you is that you stay in communication with us by phone every week, throughout the school semester. “Online doesn’t mean on your own!” is our creed because we are about keeping in touch with you step-by-step, not putting you on some “track” or making you “earn” your diploma. We will not require you to work on your classes when you can’t. We will not expect you to do a lesson you don’t know how.  Welcome to a new way of learning; welcome to DCI!