About Us

Character.  Conversation. Confidence.

Our Mission:

Diploma & Careers Institute is an educational service provider focused on changing the lives of youth through innovatively designed alternative education programs that emphasize character resilience and preparation for life success.

We help students who:

  • Want to finish high school faster
  • Need to explore learning beyond the standard curriculum
  • Are behind on credits towards their graduation year
  • Have daily attendance problems
  • Have personal or health issues
  • Tend to quit easily
  • Have transportation challenges
  • Need classes not offered at their regular schools
  • Need a flexible schedule
  • Have part-time or full-time jobs
  • Have family commitments or raising children
  • Want to study, learn, or do their homework when they have free time
  • Need equal recognition in terms of age, appearance, and background

What We Value and Teach:

LIFE would not be life if we did not encounter problems along the way. We all have them and we all experience them. Most of the time our problems come about from the people we deal with because we engage with them through argument and opposition.

At DCI, we believe that genuine CONVERSATION leads to good relationships. We practicing cooperative and supportive conversation with our students every week.

We also help students PREPARE for life by aiming to instill RESILIENCE in the learning process, instead of allowing them to give up. We teach students to “get things done now.” Problems snowball when things are left incomplete. We encourage our students to simply dive into their lessons and not to worry about failure. Such behavior, otherwise, causes procrastination. Meeting deadlines; getting things done now; and having good conversations with people lead to being prepared for life success.

Online doesn’t mean on your own!

Why join DCI? Because, we will not let you quit or fail!

At DCI, you work on your classes when you have free time. If you ever get stuck in a course or lesson, we will help you get through it step-by-step. Student support is always available, hassle-free, and non-judgmental. This means that we do not penalize you for learning on your time and at your pace. And we do not fail you for not having academic skills.

We don’t require a certain number of hours per week that you have to work on your classes. Do your classwork on your own free time!