The Diploma and Careers Institute is seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Success Coach to join our Academic Operations, Teaching & Learning and Student Engagement Department.  The success Coach will report directly to the Chief Academic Officer.

Primary Purpose and Description: Success Coaches are student mentors and student advocates. They model “success attainment” by understanding the complex psychosocial influences that are positively and negatively impacting each student’s educational journey. Success Coaches are “relationship builders” and role models who serve as ombudsmen to ensure that students generate significant academic and personal growth and to ensure that students and parents remain satisfied and fully a part of the educational process. Our Success Coach team understands the need to be a “bridge” to guide the student to ultimate success. They monitor and facilitate the day-to-day operations of holistic student support and parental awareness. Success Coaches also serve as liaisons with community partnerships that address career/vocational readiness, financial assistance and stability, residential advocacy, health and wellness opportunities, and much more. Success Coaches are the compass that guides the student’s educational journey. This is a 12-month part-time/full-time (whichever applies) position to serve hours as predetermined according to established needs.

 Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Responsibilities:

  • Manage the holistic advocacy for a load of approximately 50 students per academic year.
  • Establish intentional relationships with students (parents where applicable) of: patience, cultural tolerance, empathy, and proactive support through a nurturing “extension of care” philosophy.
  • Serves as the initial and central point of contact for the student (and parent if applicable) to facilitate, as seamlessly as possible, such tasks as, but not limited to:

o Introduction to the school and the staff within 48 hrs. of enrollment

o Processing of technology orders within 48 hrs. of enrollment

o Creation of academic accounts within 48 hrs. of enrollment under the facilitation of the  “Teacher of Record”

o Evaluation and development of Transcripts and EDP within 48 hrs. of enrollment under the facilitation of the Teacher of Record

o Data informed academic advisement and support facilitation

o Maintain and document in the MENTOR LOG weekly (or more often) communication with students (and parents where applicable) through telephonic, email and text modes of contact to ensure academic/psychosocial progress monitoring, and facilitation of instructional “wrap-around” interventions

o Connect students (and parents where applicable) to community-based services and programs that support the student’s ability to persist academically and emotionally toward graduation.

o Temporarily serve the role of “In loco parentis” for students assigned in the absence of a parent or guardian o Set and consistently facilitate office hours to provide effective support to students, parents, staff, administration, community partners, etc.

o Support a positive work environment while interacting with all stakeholders

o Engage fully in all orientation activities as requested

o Establish and facilitate the development and regular monitoring of students assigned to academic interventions (i.e., Academic Re Commitment Plans, individualized progress checks, parent requested time management directives, etc.)

Prepare and submit:

  1. Progress Reports:
  2. As defined by Chief Academic Officer
  3. Attendance Reports
  4. As defined by Chief Academic Officer
  • Establish and participate in: status meetings with management, and executive team meetings to ensure Success Coach activities maintain alignment with the mission, vision and strategic direction set for Diploma & Careers Institute
  • Must have reliable transportation and a working phone number for work purposes
  • Ability to set and achieve recruitment goals
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced organizational culture
  • Ability to be effective at self-direction, as well as, within a team to accomplish set goals and performance expectations
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently operate complex machines and equipment (i.e., laptops, desktops, flash drives, scanners, copiers, printers, software and WiFi boxes)
  • Ability to work days, nights and weekends as required to perform tasks assigned
  • Serve in the capacity of state assessment support as needed
  • Manage remote locations according to DCI/Community partner expectations
  • Perform moderate to extensive physical activity, including, but not limited to:
  • Frequent standing, walking or driving
  • Working knowledge of and full compliance with FERPA policies, and personally maintains constant update on changes as they occur
  • High order of analytical, interpretive and/or constructive critical thinking in varied situations to execute tasks required for student success and operational expectations
  • Manage Success Coach-Student engagement budget (determined by assigned load) for the purpose of proposing, planning and execution of intentional engagement activities with assigned students within the “engagement windows” established by administration.
  • Exhibit proficiency in working with various computer applications, including, but not limited to: Microsoft Word, Excel, DropBox, Grasshopper, Slack, and Google Products, including Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Slides, Google Docs
  • Develop and submit multifaceted reports, accurately and timely, for the collection and analysis of “snapshot” data to positively drive academic, administrative and management decision making.
  • Exhibit a willing professional disposition in all aspects of the Success Coach role, and in attending to the internal/external professional development opportunities provided for the onboarding of strategic planning initiatives and operational processes necessary to meet the needs of assigned students (and parents where applicable) and Diploma & Career Institute’s organizational culture.
  • Maintain stellar commitment to expectations, schedules and performance tasks established with students (and parents where applicable) and the professional courtesy to ensure that any reschedules/operational adjustments are initiated within a professional and timely manner.
  • Perform all appropriate tasks professionally and timely upon administrative request.

Additional qualifications to be considered:

  • Fluent in speaking and listening in Spanish
  • Knowledge of High School Math

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