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What we value and teach

LIFE would not be life if we did not encounter problems along the way. We often encounter these challenges when we are interacting with other people.   The outcome of our engagement will depend on how we address the other person.

We teach our students the value of listening, and, therefore, how well we deliver our response. Problem solving, and conflict resolution requires, first and foremost, respect of the other individual, then, fully understanding his/her point of view, and, of course, working toward a mutually beneficial end.


Read below to find out why students and parents love the Diploma and Careers Institute

My favorite part of this course was checking my answers. It was really helpful when I didn’t understand a problem. It can get really confusing when you don’t have a teacher guiding you, but these went through each problem step by step.



I think Diploma and Careers Institute is a great learning program. I have learned more from this summer school program than being in a classroom with others for 10 months.




This program is really helping me learn, better than being in school. They give you the information, you practice the material, and when you think you have it, you take the quiz. Fast, simple, and effective. I like that.



I think this school is great!  I can learn the way that works for me.



This is our first year and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the academics and the extremely thought out platform that the students use daily.



We are very happy with our kids’ performance at this school.  We had good communication all the way.  Her teachers communicated with her constantly and gave her the necessary feedback.



At DCI, we help students who:

  • Want to finish high school faster

  • Need to explore learning beyond the standard curriculum

  • Are behind on credits towards their graduation year

  • Have daily attendance problems

  • Have personal or health issues

  • Tend to quit easily

  • Have transportation challenges

  • Need classes not offered at their regular schools

  • Need a flexible schedule

  • Have part-time or full-time jobs

  • Have family commitments or raising children

  • Want to study, learn, or do their homework when they have free time

  • Need equal recognition in terms of age, appearance, and background

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