Enrolling Students Ages 15-21  

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You’ve got questions, we have answers!

DCI is currently enrolling Michigan students ages 14-21

At DCI, we help students who:

  • Want to finish high school faster

  • Need to explore learning beyond the standard curriculum

  • Are behind on credits towards their graduation year

  • Have daily attendance problems

  • Have personal or health issues

  • Tend to quit easily

  • Have transportation challenges

  • Need classes not offered at their regular schools

  • Need a flexible schedule

  • Have part-time or full-time jobs

  • Have family commitments or raising children

  • Want to study, learn, or do their homework when they have free time

  • Need equal recognition in terms of age, appearance, and background

What We Value and Teach

LIFE would not be life if we did not encounter problems along the way. We all have them and we all experience them. Most of the time our problems come about from the people we deal with because we engage with them through argument and opposition.

You’ve got questions, we have answers!